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Chuffed to bits, over the moon, tickled pink. Just some of the ways it feels to be a winner in the RNIB Feel Good Friday Lottery. And there are 150 new winners every single Friday!

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James won £1,000

”I honestly couldn’t believe it!“

James was amazed when he got a phone call from us telling him he’d won our top weekly prize: “I honestly couldn’t believe it when I found out I’d won! Our daughter and grandchildren live in Australia, so winning means I can put the money towards a trip to go and see them.” What would you do with your winnings as our top prize winner?

James, Crewe

John won £1,000

”I spent my winnings on clothes and saved the rest!“

John’s been playing RNIB’s Lottery since 2014 and was overjoyed when he won. He splashed out on a whole new wardrobe of clothes to help him feel great and put the rest away for a rainy day.

John, Sheffield

David won £1,000

”What a wonderful surprise!“

David was delighted when he won £1,000 in our lottery. He very generously donated some of it back to us, as his mother’s near blindness due to glaucoma has made RNIB a cause close to his heart. David says: “The rest of this wonderful windfall might well be spent on a better electric guitar than the one I am currently struggling with!”


”I play to support RNIB, not to win money, so I never actually expected to win anything.“

George’s story

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New winners every Friday

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Blind and partially sighted people win too

In 2019, 39 per cent of all the money raised through RNIB raffles and lotteries was spent on helping people with sight loss. 61 per cent was spent on prizes and the expenses of running them. (These figures are based on the Lottery Submissions provided to the Gambling Commission).

Responsible gambling

We want you to feel good about playing our lottery. To help you enjoy the fun, we’ve put together some information about gambling responsibly.