How you help

Feel great knowing you're helping people with sight loss

Every day 250 people start to lose their sight in the UK. Every line you play helps blind and partially sighted people - £1 could cover the cost of ten blind and partially sighted people tuning in to RNIB Connect Radio, run by and for people with sight loss to promote independence and reduce social isolation.

You can help support our peer-to-peer network for blind and partially sighted people.

You can help us campaign locally and nationally to improve blind and partially sighted people’s lives.

You can help run RNIB Connect Radio, which reaches out to blind and partially sighted people and helps prevent isolation.

“I’m enjoying life again”


Since getting involved in RNIB Connect, Charlene has become part of a supportive, friendly community of people – all of whom are blind or partially sighted.

When Charlene’s vision deteriorated, her life changed drastically. She couldn’t drive, go to work or stay independent. Now she’s connected with people who help her to overcome these challenges, rediscover her independence and enjoy life again.

Help more people with sight loss enjoy life again. Play now and support RNIB.

“It’s good to know I can always turn to RNIB for support”


Presenting on RNIB Connect Radio has helped Gary to rebuild his confidence in the years after he lost his sight. And when depression darkened his days, Gary got emotional support from RNIB which helped him enormously.

Play now and support more people like Gary.

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